Su Casa Appraisals is one of most reliable appraisal teams that Envoy Mortgage uses, and Chris Christopher Vieitez is a big part of that. Envoy Mortgage has been working with Christopher for the past two years.

Chris has done a consistent job for us during this time. He is accurate, and we have never had errors, omissions, typos, or desk reviews with his work. His service time is excellent as well.

My company has a rating system for service providers that is based on quality, service and turnaround time. Luisa’s ratings are all excellent. It indicates she is someone we can depend on for on-time, quality reports with great service.

Luisa Padilla and I have worked together for more than two years and have a wonderful professional relationship. Luisa has been a part of our preferred panel for the last few years.
Since working with Luisa, she and her office staff have continued to impress me. They are extremely responsive to all inquiries, including revisions, and they handle all communication professionally by keeping me posted on any changes that come up. They are always on time, or delivery early. If I am in a bind, I know I can count on Luisa to step up and help out. The best thing about working with Luisa is her consistency in delivering a quality product with superior service. 

We use many residential appraisers in the state of Florida, and Christopher of Su Casa is one of the best appraisers we have.

Anytime I need an appraisal, I call Su Casa Appraisals. Working with Luisa Padilla is always a pleasure.

Luisa has been doing appraisals for Habitat for Humanity for over four years. In addition, she has volunteered her time and talent on decoration and design projects, as well as on our job site. Luisa has always been extremely reliable. Her response time when we place an order for an appraisal is always immediate, and the turnaround time to receive the appraisal is always quick. The customer service she provides and attention to detail are greatly appreciated. As a result, I have referred her to other Habitat for Humanity affiliates and for-profit organizations.

CenterState Bank has 87 residential appraisers in the state of Florida, and Luisa Padilla is definitely one of the best appraisers we have. She consistently offers us convenient turnaround time and has the best rating in the Mercury Ordering System. 

She picks up our new orders from the system in a timely fashion, never letting them expire. Luisa’s on time percentage is excellent, and if we ask her to make a revision, she also handles that quickly.  

Luisa has been doing appraisals for CenterState Bank for more than three years. She is a pleasure to work with and has always been extremely reliable.